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Atlanta Severance Negotiations And Agreements LawyersDo You Need An Attorney To Negotiate Severance?

An Atlanta severance negotiations and agreements lawyer can be extremely useful when negotiating a severance, as well as ensuring that a severance agreement protects an employee’s rights. Oftentimes, an attorney can make sure that money is not left on the table, equity is preserved, insurance rights are protected, legal claims are not lost, and many other rights are considered. While employees sometimes can negotiate severance agreements without the use of an attorney, severance negotiations are not always about money only; there are many state and federal laws that must be considered when negotiating severance. Additionally, an Atlanta severance attorney can help to determine whether the severance that is offered is fair. Sometimes employers will base a severance on the length of an employee’s employment. Sometimes it will base the severance amount on its desire to avoid having to face a lawsuit. Whatever the reason, a severance attorney can help to analyze whether negotiations might be fruitful.

Can A Severance Attorney Negotiate Severance Pay?

The answer is sometimes. While Georgia has no laws that require an employer to pay severance, Georgia employers oftentimes do agree to pay employees once the employee’s employment ends. Usually, an employer will ask an employee to give up most possible legal claims in exchange for a severance payment. An Atlanta severance negotiations and agreements lawyer like Weiner & Sand LLC can make sure that you are not giving up legal claims.

How Can A Severance Attorney At Weiner & Sand LLC Help?

The first thing a severance attorney will do is review the severance agreement that has been offered. Additionally, a severance attorney will discuss with an employee his or her employment history to understand whether there are legal claims that need to be addressed as part of the severance. Once the attorney has sufficient information, he or she can discuss with the client any changes or additions to the severance agreement, as well as the possibility of negotiating the terms of the severance, including the amount offered. As part of that discussion, a severance attorney at Weiner & Sand LLC will also discuss with the client the best course of action to negotiate: whether the client should negotiate himself or herself, or whether the attorney should step in.

Contacting an experienced severance attorney Atlanta severance negotiations and agreements lawyer is an important step in protecting one’s rights and obtaining the best severance possible. Our Atlanta severance negotiations and agreements lawyers have decades of experience with severance agreements and negotiations. We offer consultations to determine whether we can help, so please reach out via phone or by filling out our online form.