Is your boss rude to you?  Does he not follow the golden rule?

Currently, the state of Georgia does not have any laws that concern bullying in the workplace.  Similarly, there are no federal laws that address bullying either.

While several other states have bullying laws or are considering bullying laws, it is difficult to succeed on a bullying in the workplace claim in Georgia if you are an at-will employee.   If you are an at-will employee, your employer can take an adverse employment action (for example, termination) against you so long as it does not do so for an illegal reason.  Typically, bullying is not an illegal reason.

However, if your boss, supervisor or manager is bullying you because of your age, sex, race, national origin, disability, or another protected category, or because you reported his or her illegal conduct, then he or she may be violating one of the other employment or wage laws discussed on this website.