Reappearance of Deleted Accounts Lawyer

Do You Have Deleted Accounts That Were Reinserted On Your Credit Report? Our Lawyers In Atlanta, Georgia Can Help

Reappearance of Deleted Accounts LawyersWhen you dispute an inaccurate account or item of information on your credit report, the consumer reporting agency must delete it, or correct it to make it accurate. But what happens when the deleted account reappears on your credit report? This is called “reinsertion”, and it can be an extremely frustrating experience. It can also cause lasting harm to your credit report and credit score. If you find that deleted accounts are reappearing on your credit reports, you should contact the reappearance of deleted accounts lawyers at Weiner & Sand LLC.

Why Do Deleted Accounts Reappear On Credit Reports?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows you to dispute any inaccurate item of information on your credit report. Following its reinvestigation of your dispute, the consumer reporting agency has three options: (1) verify the disputed information is accurate; (2) modify the disputed information to make it accurate, or (3) delete the disputed information from your credit report. Sometimes a CRA will delete a disputed item of information, and then reinsert it at a later date. This can occur for a number of reasons, but most commonly it is because the furnisher of the information (e.g., the bank, credit card company, etc.) is verifying that the information is accurate and should be reinserted onto your credit report.

Before a consumer reporting agency can reinsert deleted accounts into your credit report, the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that they provide you with notice that the information will be reinserted. The FCRA also requires that the consumer reporting agency obtains a certification from the furnisher verifying that the information is accurate before it can be reinserted into your credit report. CRAs do not always follow these requirements. For a consumer, this creates a scenario where disputing inaccurate information on a credit report becomes ineffective and hopeless.

Do You Need To Retain An Atlanta Reappearance of Deleted Accounts Lawyer?

If you find previously deleted information reappearing on your credit report, then you should contact a credit report lawyer to discuss the next steps. At this point, you have likely exhausted the options available to you to remove the inaccurate information. You have disputed, maybe more than once, and yet the information continues to reappear. The next step to fixing this problem is likely filing a lawsuit. The reappearance of deleted accounts lawyers at Weiner & Sand LLC are experienced FCRA lawyers, who have litigated many cases involving the reappearance of deleted credit report accounts.