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CHECKR Background Report Error AttorneysWhat Does Checkr Do?

Checkr is a consumer reporting agency that sells background checks across the country. It is based out of California and it sells background checks to employers, among others. Employers use Checkr’s background checks to evaluate potential employees for employment. Checkr is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), and according to its website, Checkr “helps [employers] fill roles faster and drive more revenue” and its “quick, thorough background checks make the hiring and screening process more efficient.” If you used Checkr and it provided false information, you need the help of our Checkr background report error lawyers.

What Employers Use Checkr For Background Checks?

Checkr has sold its background checks to many employers across the country, including Instacart, Uber, Lyft, Postmates,, Papa John’s, Hot Topic, Angi, GrubHub, NetFlix, MakeSpace Labs, Shipt, Adecco, Allstate, Delivery Drivers, Inc., and others. Checkr also sells its background checks to staffing companies, including Elwood Staffing, Veryable, PrideStaff, PDS Tech, Adia, Draiver, TalentBurst, bluecrew, Field Nation, Etech Global Services, and Allied Global Services. Its reports often include many types of personal data, including criminal record information, sex offender registry information, Global Watchlist searches, motor vehicle records, and professional licensing information.

What Kinds Of Inaccurate Information Does Checkr Report In Its Background Checks?

When Checkr reports criminal record information, motor vehicle records, professional licensing information, and other personal data to employers, it sometimes reports inaccurate information or information that is not allowed to be included in a report under federal law, including under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Sometimes it reports a criminal record that belongs to someone with the same name as a candidate. Sometimes it reports a motor vehicle record showing a conviction when the record should show a “not guilty” finding. And sometimes it reports non-conviction criminal charges and arrests that are more than seven years old. While these are merely examples, they can cause real harm when Checkr wrongly includes them in background checks. Fortunately, when Checkr reports this information to an employer, there are several avenues for individuals to fix those errors and to stand up for their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

How Can A Background Check Lawyer Help To Fix An Error On A Checkr Background Check?

If there is an error in your background check, many times the first step is to dispute the erroneous information with the background check company. This often includes either a letter or a phone call to the background check company that explains the dispute. A Checkr background report errors lawyer like Weiner & Sand LLC can help to ensure that the dispute contains all of the necessary information. Sometimes, however, a dispute is of no help because the job has already been lost or an account has already been deactivated. In those situations, a lawyer like those at Weiner & Sand LLC can pursue damages in court against the background check company for the harm it has caused. Damages in cases under the Fair Credit Reporting Act can include lost wages and emotional distress because of the errors, as well as other items. The lawyers at Weiner & Sand LLC have decades of experience litigating FCRA cases against background check companies.

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