About Our Firm

While many lawyers focus on employment and consumer law, few are able to offer the quality of representation that Weiner & Sand LLC can provide to employees and consumers.

We Know How Defendants Defend Cases. We spent more than ten years working at some of the nation’s most prestigious employment and consumer law defense firms, where we defended employers and businesses in employment and consumer litigation cases. These experiences give us a unique perspective on how employers and businesses think and operate, and most importantly, how they defend lawsuits. We utilize these experiences to maximize the results for our clients in every case.

We Are Not Afraid To Be Aggressive. Many lawyers profess to be trial lawyers. And to be fair, many attorneys are willing to try their cases. However, some attorneys try to persuade their clients to settle their claims rather than go to trial, even when the settlement will not fully compensate the clients for their injuries. That does not happen at Weiner & Sand LLC. We prepare every case for trial and do not hesitate to try cases where settlement offers do not make our clients whole.

We Are Selective About The Cases We Accept. People turn to lawyers when they need help, and oftentimes when they are facing some of the most difficult experiences in their lives. For this reason we work closely with each of our clients and ensure that each case receives the personal attention it deserves. To accomplish this goal, we are selective about the cases that we take because we want to ensure that each of our clients receives the attention they deserve.

We Are Honest With Our Clients.  If we believe that a client has a fantastic case under the law, we will tell the client.  We also will tell our clients if there are problems with their cases. We do not lead our clients to believe that their cases are bulletproof because in today’s day and age, there almost never is such a thing.  We keep our clients informed on the good, the bad, and the ugly so that together we can make educated decisions to achieve the best results possible.

Lawyers In The Community Respect Us. The vast majority of our cases come through referrals from other attorneys around the country. We can imagine no bigger compliment than the respect of our peers in the legal community, who trust referring their employment law and consumer law cases to us.

The attorneys at Weiner & Sand LLC have more than twenty years of experience litigating employment law and consumer law matters. If you have an employment law or consumer law question, please contact us for a consultation.