Case Results

Weiner & Sand LLC has recovered millions of dollars for our clients.  While many case resolutions are confidential and cannot be disclosed, below are just a few examples of non-confidential resolutions, judgments, and verdicts that we have achieved:

FLSA Settlement of $1,600,000

FLSA settlement of $1,600,000 for 1,800+ employees misclassified as independent contractors and not paid all hours worked.

FLSA Settlement of $500,000

FLSA settlement of $500,000 for 100+ employees who were denied overtime compensation.

FLSA Settlement of $225,000

FLSA settlement of $225,000 representing off-the-clock work by several restaurant workers.

Settlement of $360,850

FCRA class action settlement of $360,850 on behalf of 143 employees denied pre-adverse action notice.

Settlement of $237,500

Settlement of employee’s wrongful termination claim under state law for $237,500.

Judgment of $159,154.60

Obtained judgment of $159,154.60 in FLSA overtime and retaliation action.

Judgment of $105,319.21

Obtained judgment of $105,319.21 in FLSA overtime action against transport company.

FLSA Settlement of $100,000+

FLSA settlement of $100,000+ for off-the-clock claims by several employees of large national retailer.

Approximately $50,000.

Resolution of FLSA case involving work performed during unpaid meal breaks for approximately $50,000.

Six-figure Verdict

Plaintiff’s six-figure verdict at jury trial in Fair Credit Reporting Act case against Wells Fargo.

Millions of Dollars

Millions of dollars in confidential settlements under the FCRA, FLSA, Title VII, ADA and other employment laws.

Plaintiff’s Verdict

Plaintiff’s verdict at state employment law trial involving major apparel company.

Class Action Settlement

FCRA class action settlement for 70+ employees denied pre-adverse action notice.

Summary Judgment

Won summary judgment in FLSA case on behalf of adult entertainers who were misclassified as independent contractors by employer.

$200,000+ Settlement

Obtained settlements of hundreds of thousands of dollars in identity theft cases against consumer reporting agencies and furnishers.

*Prior case results are no guarantee of future case results.