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Credit Report Error Attorneys Helping Victims In Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta credit report lawyersCompanies use credit reports to evaluate people for loans, credit, mortgages, insurance, housing, and employment. Your credit report includes a detailed history about you, including your finances, employment, criminal records, bankruptcies, civil judgments, collections, and other information about you. Having an accurate credit report is absolutely critical. It can be the difference between being approved or denied a loan, housing, or a job. If you have discovered an error on your credit report, the Atlanta credit report error attorneys at Weiner & Sand LLC can help correct the inaccuracy and, when needed, file a lawsuit to recover any damages you have suffered.

What Are Common Types Of Errors Credit Report Lawyers Encounter?

You should look for any information on your credit report that is inaccurate or does not belong to you. Here are some of the typical types of inaccuracies consumers encounter:

How Can A Credit Report Lawyer Help You?

A credit report lawyer works to remove errors from your credit report and to file a lawsuit to recover any damages you have suffered. A federal law called The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to the maximum possible accuracy of the information in your credit reports. While every case is unique, here are some of the steps we take to help our clients:

STEP 1: Order Your Credit Reports. Checking your credit reports is the first step to ensuring your credit files are accurate. For detailed information about how to obtain your credit reports, click HERE.

STEP 2: Review Your Reports for Any Inaccuracies. Our attorneys will work with you to review your credit reports and identify any errors, and discuss any damages that you may have suffered as a result of these errors. These damages can include, for example, credit denials, loan denials, lost employment, housing denials, and damage to your reputation.

Step 3: Dispute with the Credit Bureaus. You can dispute online, by mail, or by phone. We recommend that you dispute with a written letter sent by certified mail. This allows you to retain a copy for your records, as well as proof of mailing. The Atlanta credit report error attorneys at Weiner & Sand will help you draft an effective credit dispute letter.

The consumer reporting agency should send you the results of its investigation within 30 days.  There are generally three outcomes to a dispute: (1) the CRA deletes or corrects the disputed information; (2) the CRA modifies the disputed information; or (3) the CRA refuses to correct the error.  If the CRA deletes or changes an item of information, it cannot put the disputed information back into your report unless it provides you with a written notice first.  This is called “reinsertion,” and it could violate your rights under the FCRA.

Step 4: Evaluate Whether to File a Lawsuit. The attorneys at Weiner & Sand will evaluate potential litigation. This can include obtaining additional documents from creditors, banks, lenders, landlords, and other third parties. It may also include sending additional dispute letters or contacting potential witnesses. Credit report lawsuits are complicated and may involve multiple defendants, witnesses, and complex discoveries. We are experienced FCRA attorneys who will work tirelessly to ensure your credit reports are corrected, and that you are compensated for any injury caused by credit report errors.

What Can I Recover In A Credit Report Lawsuit?

The damages you can recover in a credit report lawsuit depend on many factors, including the egregiousness of the errors, the number of disputes, the number and types of credit denials, your emotional distress, damage to your reputation, and other harms you suffered. A credit report lawyer will help identify the damages in your case and how to best present them in a lawsuit. Settlements and verdicts in FCRA lawsuits range from several thousand dollars to millions of dollars. We have a strong track record of maximizing the value of our client’s claims. And if a defendant is unwilling to pay what our client is owed, then we will not hesitate to go to trial.

Contact An Atlanta Credit Report Attorney For A Case Evaluation

Contacting an experienced and reputable credit report lawyer is a critical first step to getting your credit report corrected and being fully compensated for damages you have suffered. Our Atlanta credit report error attorneys have decades of experience litigating FCRA cases. We are uniquely positioned in the FCRA legal world because we have represented both consumer reporting agencies as well as individuals against consumer reporting agencies. In other words, we know how defendants think, strategize, and defend FCRA cases. We are also among the few firms in the country that have tried FCRA cases to a jury verdict. Our track record of success is well established and includes millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. We have a nationwide practice, and we do not charge for consultations.