Can I sue for Defamation for an incorrect background check?

We receive numerous calls from applicants and employees who ask if they can sue a background check company for defamation because the background check company included inaccurate information on a background report. Sometimes the information is simply wrong – the background check contains someone’s else’s information. Sometimes the information is inaccurate –

CFPB Takes Action Against Two of the Largest Background Report Companies

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires background check companies to use reasonable procedures to ensure maximum possible accuracy of the information in their background reports.  All too often, however, background report companies make errors in background reports and do not utilize reasonable procedures to ensure the accuracy of the information in their

Background Checks for Employment

Have you applied for job recently and had a background check run on you? Was the background report run by one of the following consumer reporting agencies: Accurate Background American Databank EmployeeScreenIQ General Information Services, Inc. GoodHire Hirease Info Cubic IntelliCorp PreCheck Professional Screening SterlingBackCheck Trak 1 Technology Truescreen If any

Class Action Complaint for Violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

On August 27, 2015, The Weiner Law Firm LLC filed a Class Action Complaint in federal court against ADP Screening & Selection Services, Inc., alleging that the company violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act when it allegedly failed to obtain the certifications required under the FCRA prior to furnishing consumer reports to

You’re an Independent Contractor? Not So Fast.

On July 15, 2015, the United States Department of Labor issued Interpretation No. 2015-1 concerning employers’ classification of workers as independent contractors. While employers classify workers as independent contractors for any number of reasons – including the desire to not pay overtime compensation to the workers since independent contractors are not entitled to overtime