The Weiner Law Firm Files FCRA Case Against Goodhire And National Background Data For Background Check

On March 22, 2016, The Weiner Law Firm, on behalf of its client Alexia Williams, filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia against consumer reporting agencies GoodHire, LLC and CoreLogic National Background Data LLC.  According to the lawsuit, GoodHire and NBD violated Section 1681e(b) of the FCRA when they published inaccurate public record information about Ms. Williams in an employment background report.  Specifically, Ms. Williams alleges in her lawsuit that these consumer reporting agencies furnished a background check to her employer that showed that she had been convicted of a felony when that was inaccurate.  Ms. Williams contends that, because of this error, her employer demoted her, reduced her hours, and eventually terminated her employment.  In addition to the Section 1681e(b) claims, Ms. Williams also alleges that GoodHire violated Section 1681i of the FCRA when it failed to conduct a reinvestigation, failed to delete the inaccurate information from Ms. Williams’s file, and failed to notify Ms. Williams of the results of its reinvestigation.