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Obsolete Information

When Congress enacted the Fair Credit Reporting Act, it wanted to ensure that consumers are not haunted by some types of negative information in their background reports for indefinite periods of time.  If that were the case, people could never hope to improve their credit score or escape the shadow of other negative background and credit information.  

For this reason, the FCRA restricts how long certain types of adverse information can be included in consumer reports.  

Time Limitations for Reporting Adverse Information

With few exceptions, the time limitation periods are as follows:

  • 7 Years:  Most adverse information that is older than seven years cannot be reported.
  • 10 Years:  Bankruptcy cases older than 10 years cannot be reported.
  • Indefinite:  Criminal convictions can always be reported, no matter how old. However, non-conviction criminal record information (e.g., arrest records, criminal complaints, warrants, etc.) can only be reported for seven years.

If you've lost a job, credit, insurance, or other opportunity because of obsolete information in your background report or credit report, the FCRA attorneys at Weiner & Sand LLC can help repair the harm.    

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