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Inaccurate Information

Background and credit reports can be inaccurate in any number of ways.  For this reason, it is critically important that you carefully review any reports to ensure that the information correctly reflects your credit, employment, business, or other personal information.

Common Types of Inaccuracies

Some common types of errors include:

  • Reporting information that belongs to someone else (often called a "mixed file" or a "merged file").
  • Inaccurately reporting a criminal record's status (e.g., failing to state that an offense, such as a felony, was reduced or dismissed).
  • Reporting a criminal record that was dismissed pursuant to a first offender program or was otherwise dismissed. 
  • Inaccurately reporting eviction proceedings or other home rental information.
  • Misreporting civil judgment information, including reversing the parties of a lawsuit.
  • Failing to report updates or status changes for public record information (e.g., judgment satisfactions, orders vacating judgments, and criminal record expungements).
  • Duplicating of a single record into multiple records.  For example, reporting a single criminal conviction as multiple convictions, or reporting a civil judgment docketed in a new jurisdiction as a new judgment.
  • Failing to report that a debt was discharged in bankruptcy.
  • Reporting old debts as new or re-aged.
  • Reporting a debt as charged off when it was settled or paid in full.
  • Reporting timely payments as late.
  • Misstating the balance due on debts.
  • Listing you as a debtor on an account in which you were only the authorized user.
  • Supplying credit information on an account where identity theft was previously reported.

It is important to correct any inaccurate information in your background report or credit report as quickly as possible, before it causes you harm.  If you've uncovered inaccurate information, the FCRA attorneys at Weiner & Sand LLC can help you correct the information.  And if inaccurate information has damaged you in any way, we can help to repair the harm.

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